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                     Businesses Need Synergy Complete Healthcare!


    No need to disrupt your workday. Give us a call, text, e-mail or video chat! We are here when you  need us.                                                             
We deliver quality healthcare to your employees while helping your bottom line.
In this unstable health care environment, the ability of business owners to offer their employees personal, high-level primary care is a perk with extraordinary value for the cost.


Synergy Complete Healthcare works with high deductible insurance, Christian Sharing Ministries, catastrophic and gap plans to reduce your costs and improve your chance for a refund when combined with the appropriate wrap around insurance plans. Synergy Complete Healthcare improves employee Health, Morale AND Productivity. Our easy accessibility of care frees up employee time and eliminates a good deal of employee stress.


Ask us too about our worker comp plan. What we cannot treat on-site we can arrange to be treated elsewhere.

We do offer several incentives for businesses. Feel free to ask.

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