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Like you, I am tired of being treated as a number. The longer I have been in healthcare, the more I realize that electronic records, "Meaningful Use Data Collection" and focusing on a "Drive Through Mentality is ruining medicine". Kindness and true compassion has taken a back seat to government regulations and speed.  I got into healthcare to help people make the best of their lives by providing a path to Health, Vitality and therefore Happiness.  As Synergy Complete Healthcare's  founding owner, I’ve introduced Direct Primary Care to our area in Kansas to help prevent illness and give people the access to care and tools they need to lead a healthy, meaningful life. 


Because I have also always loved the science of medicine,  focusing on the root cause of problems is enjoyable to me. I naturally gravitated to Functional Medicine and am now working toward a certification in the most exciting frontier of medicine available. I love nothing more than to share my knowledge with my patients and help them achieve maximum health.


At Synergy, I talk with my clients to learn what their needs are and together we formulate a plan of care. For some, traditional medicine works best but for others, preventative medicine, and anti-aging therapies are most appealing.  I use a holistic approach to family medicine to treat both chronic and urgent health conditions, I provide both men's and women’s health, science backed skin care, weight management and hormone balancing. I have over 20 years of Emergency Room experience and 6 years of Internal Medicine and Family Practice.  I am interested in keeping people out of the ER, Urgent care and hospitals by being accessible when patients need me.

Lastly, in 2014, I opened Synergy Complete Healthcare as a tribute to my extraordinary parents who taught me so much and gave me the values, work ethic and strength I needed to become what I am today. As a caregiver in my home,  I watched my parents age and their health decline and then I watched them finally pass. I learned much during that time. As healthcare has become more depersonalized, I saw that needed to move to the community to provide the type of care I helped my parents to receive--the personal touch that we all need to thrive.By the Grace of God, I always will.

Qualifications: Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN, BSN Nursing,   BS in Microbiology, ACLS, BLS, Post Graduate Certifications in Emergency Services and Family Practice, Licensed as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Kansas, Missouri Iowa and Hawaii.

​Associations: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Judith Beck FNP-BC

Jana Harris DNP-FNP-BC

Doctorate of Nursing

Jana joined us in February of 2020.  She has extensive experience in Geriatrics, endocrinology and wound care. She has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for 20 years. Additionally, Jana completed her Doctorate of Nursing in 2014 from the Unversity of Kansas. She has been a blessing for us at Synergy. We love her and know you will too.

When people undergo trauma, healthcare issues/illnesses or severe life stressors, it is not unusual for their lives to become problematic.

That is why Dr. Jana Harris DNP, FNP-BC became a well accomplished provider.  She recently joined Synergy after retiring from the Leavenworth Veteran’s Administration (VA) after 15 years employment where she accomplished her doctorate while employed full time.    

She has accomplished many things over her work history as a healthcare provider from care of individuals with diabetes having developed and maintained a diabetic center for patients.  Further provided healthcare for a small emergency department and worked as a hospitalist, along with working in family & internal medicine.  

Her values remain strong in the belief of preventative health education to assist the patients and empowering them as she believes strongly in selfcare, when possible, as a measure to help the community and families stay strong. 

Outside of her husband, children, grand and great-grandchildren her interests are gardening where she grows and sometimes cans the produce and/or will donate to the community and friends. 

Before she found her current path of healthcare her family history involved horse care which she loved and she ended up raising horses.  She had one favorite mare which she has many stories to tell.  So, if you are a horse lover (or animal lover of any kind) and you start discussing your animal, don’t be surprised if your visit lasts longer than expected. 

She reached the terminal degree in Nursing with her doctorate and remains certified in Kansas as an ADVANCED REGISTERED NURSE PRACTITIONER with the AMERICAN NURSES CREDENTIALING CENTER (ANCC).


Yvette Epperson ANP-BC.
Yvette is a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner with experience in the Emergency room, cath lab, interventional radiology, ICU and has been an Educator for many years.
She is well respected among her peers and we are fortunate to have her. Currently working PRN, we hope that Yvette will be with us full time, as we grow.
Yvette Epperson ANP-BC

 James Knowles, EMT, Phlebotomist, Jack of all trades.

James is a blessing to our clinic and with him comes his witty sense of humor,  inquisitive nature and excellent phlebotomy skills. Stop in and see him sometime!

James Knowles, EMT

Amber Hawkins

Christina Reed
Office Assistant
Tyarah Barnes
Office Assistant

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  Judith Beck, FNP -BC    


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