Like you, I have been tired of being treated as a number. The longer I have been in healthcare, the more I realized that electronic records, "Meaningful Use Data Collection" and focusing on a "Drive Through Mentality was ruining medicine". Kindness and true Compassion was taking a back seat to Government regulations and speed.  I got into healthcare to help people make the best of their lives by providing a path to Health, Vitality and therefore Happiness.  I have also always loved the science of medicine so focusing on the root cause of problems is enjoyable to me. Then, as I watched my parents age and their health decline and then finally pass, It became more apparent that I needed to move to the community to provide the type of care I wanted them to receive--the personal touch that we all need to thrive. In 2014 I opened Synergy Complete Healthcare  in honor to my parents and I hope to give you the type of care that I would provide to my own family.


As Synergy Complete Healthcare's  founding owner, I’ve introduced Direct Primary Care to our area in Kansas with my collaborating physician, Dr. Rebecca Hierholzer, MD. 

We use a holistic approach to family medicine, focusing on educating and keeping our patients well, and we are also experienced in treating both Urgent and Chronic conditions. I have over 16 years of Emergency Room experience as well as years of Internal Medicine and Family Practice experience including diagnosing, treating, admitting and referring adults and children with a variety of illnesses.

I am especially interested in Preventative medicine, Urgent care, Women’s health, Weight management and office procedures. I am interested in keeping people out of the ER, Urgent care facilities, and hospitals by being accessible when patients need me.


Following the Direct Primary Care annual membership model (available in monthly installments),

I save individual patients and businesses money using direct care pricing on labs, x-rays and medications, while providing expert care.  I use the most effective but least amount of medication possible to provide maximum benefit and save you money. I am happy to work with you to meet all your health and wellness goals!

Qualifications: Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner, BS in Microbiology, ACLS, BLS, Post Graduate Certifications in Emergency Services and Family Practice, Licensed as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Kansas, Missouri and Hawaii.

​Associations: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Who Are We?

Judith Beck FNP-BC
Synergy Complete Healthcare also welcomes Yvette Epperson ANP-BC.
Yvette is a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner with experience in the Emergency room, cath lab, interventional radiology, ICU and has been an Educator for many years.
She is well respected among her peers and we are fortunate to have her. Currently working PRN, we hope that Yvette will be with us full time, as we grow.
Yvette Epperson ANP-BC

Last but never least is James Knowles, EMT.

James joined us this fall and with him, comes his witty sense of humor and inquisitive nature and excellent phlebotomy skills. Stop in and see him sometime!

James Knowles, EMT

Amber Hawkins

Christina Reed

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  Judith Beck, FNP    


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